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1977 Model year : 16í- 6" Hydrostream Ventura II

by Peter J. DeLucia (owner)

Part I



Here in New Jersey like many other states, HydroStreams it seems are popular, but still very unknown among the Garden States outboard hotrodders. Most people here revolve around boats like Checkmates and Bajas and are unaware of what being on top of the water really is. Still you have the bigger boats such as Skaters with a host of V6 and V8 powerplants. Iíve run into only eight types of Streams ever here, those being the HST, Vulture, V-King, Valero,Valero YT, Vector, Viper and Hustler, all in very small numbers.

Being a Hydrostream enthusiast, I wanted to set out to look for what I would consider a lesser known Stream, for these parts anyway. I put up a wanted add to see what would come along, and after quite a long time I finally received a few e-mails, two for Vectors, one for a Viper, and one for a Ventura II. In all of my boating life I had never seen a Ventura and was curious to see what it looked like, although I knew from Hot Boat Magazine that it looked similar to an Action Marine SVB. The Ventura II was designed as a circle racing hull and is a thoroughly tested design, that has been copied many times, even by bass boat designers. The Ventura has all the tricks designed into it that make it one of the "pad-v greats" of all time. The bow has large wings underneath that catch as much air as possible to provide lift, while the strakes and narrow, concave pad all contribute to itís excellent speeds and precision handling. A concave chine at the rear of the hull enables almost instant planing, especially good for drag racing. I called the owner at the time and we set up a date for me to see the boat "Christmas Eve of all times".


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