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Boat Type - 
      YT: Modified-Vee
      V-Bottom: Pad-Vee
Length: 17'9"
Beam: 89"
Transom Height -
       YT: 24"
       V-Bottom: 22-1/2"
Recommended HP -
       YT: 150 - 175
       V-Bottom: 85 - 175
Seating: 2 Buckets & Rear Bench
Approximate Weight -
       YT: 675 lbs
       V-Bottom: 625 lbs
Fuel Capacity -
       YT: 24 Gallons
       V-Bottom: 16 Gallons







The Valero, introduced in 1984, shares the same lower half as the V-King (V-bottom or YT) butHarris5.jpg (100853 bytes) the upper half design is a smaller version of the Vegas. Unlike the V-King, the deck is flat and not concave, the windshield has straight lines, and the interior is a little more roomy.

The Valero YT Bowrider and Vasseret YT were the same; the boat was called the former from late 1986 to late 1988 and it was called the Vasseret from '89 on. The V-bottom bowrider version was introduced in 1990 (as a Vasseret).


A look underneath Jim Wheaton's Valero V-bottom. Jw9.jpg (124634 bytes) Jw10.jpg (116331 bytes)
V-Bottom Hull


A good look at a YT bottom as Austin Plyem rockets out of the hole in his Valero YT Bowrider. YThull_back.jpg (35407 bytes) YThull_front.jpg (41282 bytes)
YT Hull



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